What Are the Rules?

  1. The application form for a Lois Bulley Scholarship is given FREE OF CHARGE  and can be downloaded by clicking HERE

  2. The information provided in the form is intended to help the LBSF Trustees understand the applicant’s academic and financial position

  3. The student must fill her own application.  Applications filled out by anyone other than the requesting student will not be considered 

  4. The application form must be filled accurately and completely.

  5. All incomplete or inaccurately filled forms will be automatically rejected.

  6. Any false statements, omissions or forged documents will lead to automatic disqualification.

  7. Every part of the  form must be filled. Failure to do so makes this application form incomplete and therefore renders the applicant illegible for the scholarship.

  8. If a section of the application is not relevant, write NA (Not Applicable)

  9. Make a copy of the application form to keep for your own record

  10. Copies of ALL DOCUMENTS required must be provided by the applicant. Any applications without relevant documents will be rejected

  11. Canvassing  will lead to automatic disqualification.

  12. Applications must be sent by post office mail to

      Lois Bulley Scholarship Fund,

      P. O. Box 41303-00200,


  • The completion and submission of the  form is not a guarantee for sponsorship.

  • LBSF reserves the right to make the final determination of scholarship beneficiaries.

P. O. Box 41303- 00100, Westlands Road, Nairobi

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